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  • 浅谈光电幕墙的设计及其原理
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The emergence of photoelectric curtain wall was in the early twentieth Century. Due to the development of the world economy and the energy crisis in some countries, the photoelectric curtain wall began to research and develop. So what is the photoelectric curtain wall? It is a new type of building curtain wall, which integrates power generation, sound insulation, heat insulation, safety and decoration. It uses photovoltaic cells and photoelectric plate technology to convert sunlight into electric energy. The key technology is solar photovoltaic technology. Solar photovoltaic cells use the photon energy of the solar light to make the electrons of the irradiated electrolyte or semiconductor material move, thus generating the voltage, which is called the photoelectric effect. A number of solar photovoltaic cells are reinforced and embedded in a special transparent glass of low iron, which is connected to the traverse of the back of each other, thus forming a whole photoelectric plate.


The size specification of the photoelectric plate can be made in volume according to the actual project's curtain wall partition scheme, producing DC under the sunlight, the electric energy produced by all optoelectronic poles, through the multipole integrated circuit rectifying, voltage variable and so on, converted into the alternating current for use, and sent to the user power grid. The curtain wall embodies the characteristics of intelligence, integrating solar optoelectronic technology into the curtain wall without building area, and the beautiful appearance of solar optoelectronic board, with special decorative effect, and more vivid modern scientific and technological color of the building.


In addition to the design of light battery, photoelectric board, wire, integrated circuit, rectifier and other factors, the traditional safety, protection, seal, decoration and other functions of the curtain wall must be considered. All the indexes must meet the national standard, so that it can achieve the best use effect. We should also consider installation direction and install long exposure parts, such as lintel or roof, facing south or southeast and southwest. There is a double glazing curtain wall, which is a curtain wall composed of double layer structure. The inner layer usually has the doors and windows that can be opened. Under the occlusion of the outer curtain wall, the outdoor environment can also ensure the normal opening of the inner and window doors and windows. The opening of the outlet of the outer curtain wall and the opening and opening of the inner and outer doors and windows can be controlled and the heat pass between the inner and outer layers. We can use solar energy to produce chimney effect or greenhouse effect, so as to ensure necessary ventilation, ventilation and energy saving.


Its principle, as early as in 1930s, was put forward and practiced. For example, the glass house, designed by the French architect Pierre Carlo, took advantage of this principle and was first used in Germany in 80s twentieth Century. For example, the curtain wall project of the commercial promotion center in Duisburg, the curtain wall project of the post office of Bonn post office, the curtain wall project of the Paris University Research Institute in France, the curtain wall project of the western chemical center in New York, USA, is known as the double glazing curtain wall of the typical high-rise building. The curtain wall of this high technology product is to improve the curtain wall. Great breakthrough has been made in thermal performance, eco environmental protection and energy saving.